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1)Name: Ashlee
2)Age: 15
3)Location: Bay City, Michigan
4)Nationality: Turkish, German, Hungarian, English, French, Indian.
5)Piercing[s]? If so, where? Yes, on my ears!
6)Favorite Band[s]: AFI, Ashlee Simpson, Billy Idol, The Cure,
7)Likes: drawing, writing, reading, harry potter, AIM, animals, chincillahs!
8)Dislikes: snobbyness, tYpInG lIkE dIs!, onions
9)How did you find us? Kat,, the mod..
10)Favorite Movie[s]: Nightmare before Christmas, The Last Unicorn
11)Favorite TV Show[s]: Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Family Guy
12)Favorite Food[s]: Mashed Potatos!
13)Hobbies: swimming?

Your Thoughts On:
Abortion: Choice, if you get pregnant and you choose to not have the child you can get it aborted. Some people don't like abortions, but I believe its your choice in that department.
Gay Marriages: I'd marry the right woman if i wasn't engaged to my b/f and if I could find her. I'm bisexual so obviously i'm for them.
Pre-Martial Sex: Been their done that, but I did it with somebody I truly loved. I plan on being with him for the rest of my life and its a choice only you can make.
Politics: I'm a democrat and i hate Bush with a strong passion! But Politics aren't everything so I don't really have a big say on them.

hi Neko!
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