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1)Name: Danny de Sa'
2)Age: 16
3)Location: NY
4)Nationality: irish, portuguese.
5)Piercing[s]? 2 If so, where? one in each ear.
6)Favorite Band[s]: Sublime, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Rufio, Greenday, Bob Marley and the Wailers, No Doubt, Led Zeppelin, Weezer.
7)Likes: emo girls, outgoing girls, soccer, track, swimming, drawing, pirates, spiderman.
8)Dislikes: cheeters, mean people, ninjas, batman.
9)How did you find us? looking through friends' profiles
10)Favorite Movie[s]: star wars trilogy, lord of the rings trilogy, scarface, chasing amy, clerks, mallrats, jay and silent bob strike back, pulp fiction, kill bill, reservour dogs, office space, scary movie 3, fight club, animal house, the party, the pink panther, the return of the pink panther.
11)Favorite TV Show[s]: family guy, clerks, the simpsons, peanuts.
12)Favorite Food[s]: hamburgers, pizza, chinese food, steak, icecreme yummy yummy
13)Hobbies:(Sports, Crafts, If you don't have any - it's fine!) soccer, track, drawing, making t-shirts in adv. design, turning the music up and pretending i'm playing that cool guitar solo! okay n/m, just singing along to music hehe.

Your Thoughts On:
Abortion: well, i guess i'll never have that problem lol. but seriously, it's the woman's choice, they may be taking a life, or preventing a life or whatever, but it's their baby, and their body right?
Gay Marriages: hey, if they love each other. and most gay people don't give you any problems, they're cool about everything, ya?
Pre-Martial Sex:oly if it's for love. if you don't know and love the person, what's the point? you could end up a diseased fuzzball :/
Politics: eh i don't really pay attention to that..but umm...yea idk.
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