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1)Name: Kathryn [Kat, Neko!]
2)Age: 15
3)Location: Linden, MI
4)Nationality: Italian, German
5)Piercing[s]? If so, where? Each ear pierced twice.
6)Favorite Band[s]: To many to list. I'll do top 5!
[1]Dashboard Confessioanl
[2]The Postal Service
[4]Eve 6
[5]Morning Musume

7)Likes: Caffeine, My Computer, Taking pictures, dancing, listening to music... the list goes on. :)
8)Dislikes: Cheaters, Liars, Animal Killers - there is more. But I'm tired. :D

9)How did you find us? I CREATED YOU!
10)Favorite Movie[s]: Moulin Rouge and Clueless
11)Favorite TV Show[s]: Buffy The Vampire, The O.C., E.R, Newlyweds and 24
12)Favorite Food[s]: Pocky
13)Hobbies:(Sports, Crafts, If you don't have any - it's fine!)I enjoy watercolours, and playing my guitar.

I know I didn't do the 'thoughts' section. But I'm busy and tired and such. I didn't post pictures but once again it was the lazyness. Once we get enough members I'll be taking a poll of who you guys want on the accepted/rejected signs and what kind of [easy] layout we want. :D Cheers.
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