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1)Name: Tracey
2)Age: 14
3)Location: slate hill, ny
4)Nationality: ecuadorian
5)Piercing[s]? If so, where? nothing out of the ordinary (meaning the ears). i do want a tongue ring or and eyebrow ring later on.
6)Favorite Band[s]: red hot chili peppers, brand new, something corporate, nirvana, dave matthews band, beastie boys, postal service, incubus, smashing pumpkins, dashboard, coldplay
7)Likes: summer, thunderstorms, lemons, soft ice cream, pay day for work, winter, beaches, spain
8)Dislikes: people who chew with their mouth open, flies, crickets, onions, peppers, cold weather, ignorance
9)How did you find us? was invited
10)Favorite Movie[s]: the nightmare before christmas, pulp fiction, forest gump, old school
11)Favorite TV Show[s]: that 70's show, family guy, best week ever
12)Favorite Food[s]: empanadas---which is a spanish food. really really good. its like a half moon fried sort of crust with either cheese, chicken, ground beef, or olives in there.
13)Hobbies:(Sports, Crafts, If you don't have any - it's fine!) I play soccer and I'm thinking of playing lacrosse this year.

Your Thoughts On:
I used to be so close minded about this. i used to think that its murder under any circumstances. but now i would consider it an option in under any situation after seeing the movie "riding in cars with boys." I know, kinda silly haha.
Gay Marriages: all for it. no use in trying to change a person's sexual preferences so mind as well let them be together.
Pre-Martial Sex: hey, if you're willing to take the risk, go ahead.
Politics: I'll be honest..I don't know much about politics. thats one subject I do not feel I have enough knowledge to speak my opinion on or preach.
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